The Silver Bullet- Zombie Game Equally Attractive H1z1

The Silver Bullet is mobile shooting game with 3D graphics stunning lets you alone roll between dozens Zombie. Game The Silver Bullet is a 3D mobile game genre shooter themed catastrophe is Korean developer KwangSam Kim and Byulbram Studio painstakingly molded. The game takes place in the world overrun by zombies and mutated creatures dangerous, people will have to find ways to survive and fight in the world of extreme and chaos. Just a minute neglect players can be killed. However, the gameplay systems The Silver Bullet will not focus on survival guide with the “hardcore” that fond of shooting extremely user has manually and fun, suitable for all ages. This makes the game a lot more favorite age. H1z1 Map


The Silver Bullet game is the name now represents shooter genre RPG for mobile phones, this mobile game play quite fascinated users from plot to character modeling technique, Us weapon system equipment as well as missions that players must go through every game of football. The Silver Bullet game puts players in the combat screen immersive balanced brain when a beautiful girl with a gun 2 named Kali. She is an assassin working for the Vatican through an organization called Neverlight. Not only owns a compelling storyline that game The Silver Bullet also wears robes superior 3D. Therefore, this game gives people experience the characteristic elements of the horror genre as well as the shaping of the monster, undead very authentic, lively make players not help but shudder every time facing them. Game settings are also ancient style sketch show created tinged modern space has really just virtual game; sound and lighting systems are also focused beauty to every detail. The grisly details were focused more. This will enable players to experience the truest sense. Gamers will easily controlled characters Kali beautiful girl with the virtual keys to move left and right is a button shooting, acrobatics right on the touchscreen. To make it easier, players can only enter the target that you want to destroy. There will be a series of different challenges up to 30 main tasks and undergo 10 stages are set up specifically in the basement dungeons go in the military arsenal of secret detention are huge monsters , evil is waiting for the release of hazardous human world.

Shaping of the zombies in the game has been designed out how to impress the players, along with the combination of the gameplay is quite unique and attractive. Zombie Shoot often as problematic by many gamers as how to be able to defeat hideous monsters that do not let them hit.
Of course, in addition to choosing the right location, the use of the gun, fit to kill opponents fast is very necessary in the Zombie game mode. With the game’s story brought the era was built on quality 3D graphics and sound effects are characteristics of the zombie shooter game The Silver Bullet certainly will bring the most authentic experience for anyone Experience it.



Not merely a zombie shooting game, Shadow of Evil firm promises much more attractive in the game Call of Duty: Black Ops 3. Game Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 set in the distant future to take in 2065 with a wealth of gas resources is extremely modern military that is not currently appear in real life, a new zombie game items introduced in today’s game to put players back in time 40 years in the context of World War era America. That does not mean that we can not expect to be steamrolled by clique zombies unique weapons. Specifically, what was shown in the trailer of the game Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 zombie reminds viewers think of BioShock game with city views are designed in the style Steampunk classic and modern blend. Yet, players also learn special abilities by eating the candy in vending machines as launch lightning, or a million chance invisible tentacles attack enemies from afar like the character of Jackie in the title, The Darkness.


The game will allow player co-op campaign play immediately in default, support for up to 4 participants. For the first time in the history of the series, Black Ops 3 allows gamers to create characters, customizable skills / weapons as well as gain experience points even when playing single. This is one of the distinctive features and the most awaited in this game. The game supports four players as 4 character was conceived as prominent Hollywood actors today, Jeff Goldblum plays including The Magician, Heather Graham (The Female Fatale), Neal McDonough (Vincent the Cop) and Ron Perlman (The Boxer). Each character seems to have strengths and weaknesses as well as various skills in this game. Treyarch said the game screen in the game Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 is designed as Arena (eg Titanfall) in order to bring something new, but at the same time ensuring that they experience on a movie that fans Fans are already familiar in Call of Duty remains the same. It’s hard to imagine the company will develop a balance between these two elements like in Black Ops Game 3 because as we know, the content related to the storyline integrated network play was very boring Titanfall . H1z1

Finally, what we could see through the monitor new trailer manufacturer has launched it’s zombie mode of the game Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 no longer encapsulated in killing undead anymore, instead of the emergence of a variety of strange creatures and even bosses to large size. Probably for this reason that much Treyarch decided to put a name to it and not only referred to by the word “zombie” simple as usual.

We can say Black Ops Game 3 gives the impression much like brothers Advanced Warfare launched last year, but said that does not mean Treyarch has imitated by Infinity Ward from Black Ops 2 game has style separate fiction. However, it seems that this term Black Ops 3 also pushed her fiction to another level with new types of equipment inspired many sci-fi titles like: Archery from Crysis, hand-range attack not like BioShock, move flexible on-air bearing similarities with Titanfall.

Reportedly, Game Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 will be released on 11/6.



The fans of survival horror game could have known game called Alan Wake released by Microsoft, a famous game with immersive story, many choke points, extremely logical denouement and steamed guide, as a true television series make players very excited. Alan Wake game about the life of the writer of the famous horror novel of the same name, after he was confronted with the mysterious disappearance of his wife during a stay in the village Bright Falls, Washington. All events take place on the same as in his novel, a novel that he did not even remember that I wrote it. It hides many mysteries. Game appearance in 2010, only on Xbox 360 console, and then to take the new 2012 Microsoft port to a PC. Shortly thereafter, the game was PC gamers greeted quite warmly. H1z1 Map
Shortly after appearing on the PC, recently, developer Remedy’s Alan Wake game again hinted about some new dynamics of the game in 2013 with a post on its Facebook game Alan Wake 2 about to be released.


Recently, official information about the game Alan Wake 2 has been confirmed that company.

In the 2nd part of this, many people predicted it probably will be a new character with a different background and completely different story than the first part released in 2010.
Creative Director of Remedy’s Sam Lake has candidly shared about the latest planned:

“For the game Alan Wake, we always want to have a sequel and maybe go further with it in the future. Before the development of the first version is finished, we had the opportunity to sit down with together and discuss the new direction of this game in the future. It can be admitted, the next project was planned long ago and we’re still working on it “. Game Alan Wake is one of horror games, survive the many gamers rarely evaluated with towering score threshold on the market. However, it was too long since the first version launched in 2010, now has more than 5 years but developer Remedy Entertainment has not provided the information for the next edition.

Many think that, in this sequel, so maybe it will be a new character with a different background and completely different story than the first part. Sam Lake also said that the reason they have delayed this project for so long encumbered Partly upcoming titles currently, and most notably Quantum Break.

Perhaps as soon as after the launch finish this game, the team will continue to be concentrated in order to be brought to the fans game Alan Wake 2 as quickly as possible.
Studio Finland is currently looking for a Head of design scenarios to participate in the new game. This game will focus on “experience dramatic action and the plot area attractive”, those who intend to be interviewed should have experience in the “narrative and drama.”
At GDC conference last month, chief technology officer Markus Maki also shared that to Alan Wake for Xbox 360 exclusive offers high commercial risks for them, but it also helps developers better focus.



The character designs in the game Infestation: Survivor Stories also impressed abominations Zombie flood and knocked effects blood, limbs Zombie also feels creepy for gamers. As one of the online game Zombie attractive retrieve content to be released in 2013, the game Infestation: Survivor Stories get a lot of attention thanks to the combination of all these factors add horror. For those interested, you can refer to at home World in Game Infestation: Survivor Stories are built in the style quite rudimentary, making gamers feel the ruins of a human world is coming to an end before the outbreak of the Zombie pandemic. In his world, players will have to try to survive the onslaught of ferocious zombie flood, as well as from the other players. H1z1


However, it is noticeable that the players better in game Infestation: Survivor Stories may attack each other in battle. These people often do so with the goal of jokes, or kill others to usurp weapons. This makes the horror elements of the game Infestation: Survivor Stories is pushed up high, where in addition to resist the onslaught of floods Zombie, players also have to prevent the other major players. Fighting mechanisms in game Infestation: Survivor Stories are built like in a shooter game 3rd Characters can use the 2 kinds of weapons well ranged and melee. While all kinds of ranged weapons are guns have certain advantages help figure being approached by Zombie, the kinds of melee weapons have the potential to cause major damage, and can cause opponents pushed back or stunned, unable to pay the increased beat. The types of weapons in the game Infestation: Survivor Stories plentiful, from sniper rifles, submachine guns, pistols … have certain effects when fighting. However, as noted above, to own more types of equipment, players must collect them scattered across the map during gameplay. The character designs in the game Infestation: Survivor Stories also impressed abominations Zombie flood and knocked effects blood, limbs Zombie also feels creepy for gamers.

Game Infestation: Survivor Stories put gamers in a vast open world, allowing hundreds of people to join in a map to the attack against the zombie flood. During play, players take turns collecting the tools and accessory items … scattered across the map. The purpose of this time gamers will be looking to survive a Zombie attack. They can freely move around the map, but the number of Zombie was born very much, this is not a wise decision. Instead, players can team up with other players to be able to support each other, choose the terrain is well entrenched in defense. Of course, in the course of play, players will always have to move to avoid approaching zombie flood. Not just to avoid flood Zombie killing, gamers will need to search, collect the “supply” on the map to avoid being hungry character. After searching the supply figures, survival bar on the screen will automatically be restored. Of course, if this existential bar of all, players will be forced to stop the game.


Sony Was The Father H1z1 Death

In a somewhat unexpected move, Sony has sold off the array releases online games for Columbus Nova investment fund with an undisclosed price last at 02.02. Henceforth, the name will officially Sony Online Entertainment on the market disappeared and been replaced by a new name Daybreak Game Company. All of the studio SOE products including game port will also belong new employer Columbus Nova. On the fanpage of all SOE games are released by the studios is also broadcast brief announcement Sony Online Entertainment became Daybreak Game Company, the path to the reader to find out specific information.


Accordingly, SOE studio model will become an independent game development studio with a new name Daybreak Game Company.
“We are excited to become a member of the roof of Columbus Nova,” Chief Daybreak Game sharing. “They have demonstrated the ability and his achievements in the gaming market and we are hoping to be able to contribute a major part in its future success in the field of online gaming Nova.
We will continue to develop compelling titles to gamers worldwide. Also, will diversify ourselves to develop more multi-platform game, matching the current global trend. “ Share on social network Reddit, the former member of the studio SOE has expressed his feelings before parting: “We will continue the path they are going along with SOE. However, when switching to a new studio, we’ll have more opportunities and more resources and support to develop more new games so compelling. We are committed to always bring heart and soul into every product. Hope to get your support. ” Daybreak Game will continue to develop and operate the H1Z1 game, EverQuest Next, EverQuest Landmark and other projects that the studio SOE game is underway. Now, the studio SOE became independent with the company SONY, this studio will be able to develop games on both the Xbox and mobile smart phone rather than being encapsulated in the PlayStation and PC as it once was . On the H1Z1 fanpage, online shooter game zombie killing SOE’s upcoming studio, a player commented: “This company is called Daybreak Online by all the game is broken in a day?” Additionally average Discussions are ‘like’ a lot of this, many gamers are still questions about this transfer, it may affect the model release existing game or not.

The studio SOE Sony sell also open up opportunities for existing products of SOE appear on platforms other than the PlayStation. Of course, not always happy gamers with this news, some comments on the fanpage DC Universe Online shows that somewhere there are big fans of the PlayStation and if this game landed on the Xbox, which is a unpleasant news for them. However, the majority are of the view that an investment fund company acquired a good game is not something as ordinary investment funds interested only profit. However, it is just harmless comments by final studio SOE also no longer belongs to Sony.
Sony Online Entertainment has started to venture into the gaming industry since 1996 with products such as EverQuest, EverQuest 2, Star Wars Galaxies, DC Universe Online, Vanguard: Saga of Heroes, PlanetSide, PlanetSide 2 … Currently playing studio SOE PlanetSide 2 for PlayStation 4 development, H1z1 Map and new parts of the EverQuest series.


This War Of Mine- New Rival H1z1 Survival Game Coming Soon

This game War of Mine is the survival game set in the brutal war was molded by the hands developer 11 bit studios will release next July. 11 bit studios developer recently unveiled a new website and trailer interacts with the launch of the War of Mine This game on tablet devices running Android and iOS operating systems. This is a survival game set in mobile country ravaged by war world with content and striking design.
This game has won the big prize when first launched on PC. And next, the game will hopefully make a difference when on the phone. This game War of Mine brought perspectives and real feelings to control the game, portrays an ugly face, the darkness of war, which many people have mistakenly thought that they violently lost forget heroes, cruel and full of loss. H1z1 Maps


This game was introduced War of Mine comes with very humanistic slogan “War is not a choice”. This Alf a powerful slogan and meaningful warning that people who suffer and cope with guns in wars is not always the fighters but also innocent civilians.
Description is a survival game with war scene overcast, War of Mine This game lets you control a group of civilians – who are trying to maintain its life in a city located in a war zone the severity and danger. Players try to make life and death decisions based entirely on his mind to be able to survive in that world khiics paralysis.
This game War of Mine known as a survival game most potential in 2014, the game takes players into the context of a civil war of unknown date of termination.
Choices might include whether you have decided to protect the people who live along its hiding place or sacrifice a few of them so you can survive. This game promises to challenge players’ morality when caught they face difficult choices in order to survive in times of “chaos military training” is.
11 bit Studios has invested very long for this product to create a mechanism for Struggle with numerous gameplay elements affect your struggle to survive from food, water, weapons, tools used … It was the quarter-specific direct impact on your life.

Not just a game, This War of Mine was for the fans to see what his noble gesture towards the misery around the world. Recently, the firm 11 bit Studios has announced that the amount of revenue from the DLC was enough to save the lives of more than 350 Syrian refugees in the country and their children. And surely they will transfer all this money to War Child, a non-profit organization in the UK. This is considered a humanitarian act of the game publishers. With what the War of Mine This has brought the PC version, players can fully trust the upcoming mobile version will not make you be disappointed. Expectedly, the game will launch on Android devices and iOS tablet in July next.



Game Fallout Shelter is a survival game is extremely attractive for the phone platform. You will play the survivors after a nuclear disaster and develop their teams in the underground cellar. This game developed by Bethesda Game Studios and was released on iOs operating system on 14 May 06 2015 and immediately climb to the top of one of the App Store. This is the clearest proof of the strong coverage of this game.
Fallout Shelter context of relatively modern and takes place in a world where humanity will read PCA was destroyed by a nuclear disaster. This time, those who survived the disaster Shai protect themselves by hiding in the cellar deep underground and trying to maintain your life as long as possible in extremely hazardous environments.


You will be playing a shelter manager, assign tasks to people to ensure the life of the party in the basement. Not only that, you will have to seek additional new members and protect the lives of everyone in the tunnel before the invasion of the other survivors group. Your task will be to collect as many bottle caps coca (CAPS – the currency in the game) and then use them to build up the necessary room to create the most necessary things for their lives as electricity, water, food, medicine …
The characters in the game will have a different index, the symbol of S, P, E, C, I, A, L match the specific characteristics of each room. You will have to develop and build the new room to your community grow further. When the amount reaches a certain member of the cellar, a room with a new function is unlocked so you can develop your community easier.
When you feel the room producing resources too slow, you can boost the speed of the room more functional by Rush. However, this is also double-edged sword because it has a certain failure rate, if fails, you will be faced with one of two types of events like sudden attack interrupted or having a fire in the room.

Characters in the game are drawn in cartoon style, blended with a little style Comic west.
Design Images diverse characters and simple expressions but still brings the necessary expressiveness.
Besides images, the characters of the game room is also designed with distinct style helps players easily recognize them in a maze of rooms to be built underground. H1Z1
All pictures in the game is designed quite detailed, so you can zoom close to each room can still clearly see everything happening in it. Sounds game developers incorporated in each specific situation. You can hear clearly every hum of the motor running in a computer classroom, audible siren whenever an invasion or sound the same way way loud siren when the hatch is opened. However, excessive use of game sound negative, warning the player to feel the dramatic existential life. However, we enjoy making angry gamers. The invaders would occasionally visit your basement during play. So be careful and prepared for the worst case scenario can occur.



Two technology giants Microsoft and GameStop has released the trailer for Halo 5: Guardians. Among them, the most striking images Locke Spartan armor Armor Set. However, it is for the players bid Halo 5: Guardians at the GameStop store system.
Locke Spartan armor will include two equipment: Armor Helmets HUNTER and HUNTER. In particular, HUNTER armor can be used in multiplayer on the day of the release of Halo 5. If gamers around the world are familiar with the game Master Chief – Spartan warriors helped defeat mankind’s conquest, the Spartan Covenant species Locke was a rather strange character for you. In the world of Halo storyline, characters Jameson Locke is a super Spartan IV, a project to train elite soldiers for special operations forces of the UNSC (United Nations Space Command).


The Spartan soldiers are created with body capacity, gene technology and psychologically superior than ordinary soldiers. In terms of technology, Master Chief is just a Spartan warrior II, ie “backward” than two Spartan life than Locke. Locke being tasked to hunt Master Chief after information from superiors said Master Chief who deserted.
Locke and Master Chief are all playable characters in single-player game of Halo 5. The relationship between these two characters has not clear, but it will be one of the best attractions of the game . It will be revealed when you participate in this game. So far, no one is sure if Locke’s friend or foe Chieft Master, as well as the purpose of this arduous quest. For its part, Microsoft only revealed that Halo 5: Guardians will be a leap of game action. The company did not share much that only emphasizes this game will certainly be very special. With many armed and new skills, Halo 5 will change the way people play attacking enemies, as well as marking the largest developers of Halo line ever.

Most recently, in Microsoft’s E3 event began with screen co-op play extremely voyeuristic 4 people in the game Halo 5: Guardian. Just a few minutes ago, Microsoft’s press conference at E3 2015 event officially began. Of course, the most attractive titles enabled by Microsoft, Halo 5: Guardian already won their opening position is extremely majestic, instead of the version of Call of Duty every year, or Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, games were Xbox One shine and help get little “imposing” at E3 2014 last year.
Microsoft’s E3 event began with co-op gameplay of Halo 4 5: Guardian. Screen play with a stable frame rate of 60 FPS, and the visual effects are extremely voyeuristic. And at the end of the gameplay, a mysterious creature appears and prepare “best defense” protagonist. That’s all what people see to enjoy.
Along awaited official release date to see his big technological village will have surprises for us. This game will air in June next. The hnahf nah play game hoping the game will resonate loud as the previous action games. H1z1 Map is an example.


Overcoming H1z1, Fortnite Become Worth Playing Today

Overall, the game is an online game Fortnite have extremely unique gameplay and fun, worthy to play for many gamers try Vietnam. Built on Unreal Engine 4 game with an open world super wide and gamers can interact with virtually everything seen on the road, so all details are designed very carefully , surely the players will feel enjoy beautiful images in this game. Currently, online gaming 3rd person shooter called Fortnite entered the Alpha Test phase runs until next 19/12. The game will be released as free playtime, present the interested gamers can sign up for an account and participate in the homepage:
Through some images and gameplay are published, can be seen clearly that the game Fortnite go towards animation style humorous and funny. The game is not too fond of the facts as well as the macabre image. H1z1 Map


Fortnite titles gives gamers a very unique gameplay and fun, basically, the player is trapped in a virtual world full of evil and you will come to discover everything in the morning to do the work job is to collect resources, search for a place to earn items needed to prepare for the Zombie fierce fight took place at night. The resources for the Fortnite bring a lot of fun, and have to say is “allergic” .To build your base, players will have to find some kind of basic materials are steel and wood, Masonry bricks … So how do you can earn these things in a world full of zombies ruined?
Let’s go pick … garbage around. Manufacturer Epic Games allows gamers to interact with virtually everything in the virtual world. From there we can cut down trees to make wood, or stone extraction to use, unloading iron fence to get, even pulling down old houses to take bricks, iron door …
The weapons are similar so we’ll need a recipe and a lot of material to be able to invent a gun in Fortnite. Overall, this game requires gamers to discover restless and constantly brainstorming to complete the given task.
If you take the time to rummage around the corner, the big surprise rewards await players. It can be a very genuine Japanese swords, better toolbar to “make garbage” or a significant part of the furniture manufacturing: tape.

Like many other open world games, game Fortnite gives gamers the ability to build unlimited, you can create a huge multi-story tower filled with pitfalls around, bedroom … or anything in fantasy, as long as there is enough material.
Also, we can find those mysterious portal, leading to another world with a variety of powerful mystical monsters to extend the adventure. Gamers can shut this gate to wait until “sufficient level” or confront immediately.
In Fortnite characters never be broken class, gamers can use homemade weapons to fight monsters and learn all kinds of magic, skills (is arranged tree) .The fights in the game promise appointment will bring feeling very excited, not only “pure” 3rd shooter but also many melee phase with short range weapons or magic and ninja skills … All of them will be exchanged for experience points to unlock received, from weapons to skill.
Overall, the game is an online game Fortnite have extremely unique gameplay and fun, worthy to play for many gamers try Vietnam.


Vietnamese Gamers To Play Armored Warfare Abandon H1z1

Armored Warfare game is one of the potential the new game developed by Obsidian Entertainment’s popular game. The publisher also has elevated game Armored Warfare names through gameplay clip of “quality”. Video demo reappear contribute fierce battle between the countries in the region. Built with CryEngine 3 graphics platform, this game easily attracted players from the first glance. First introduced in Q1 of this year, the game Armored Warfare is the focal point of attracting the attention of the gaming community favorite military series. Basically, the game Armored Warfare exploitation World War 2 theme is similar to World of Tanks or War Thunder, but in the online game F2P MMO genre “net” increase will shoot smoother images with sharper series graphics improvements. Previously, many people think that the game Armored Warfare is a game clone of World of Tanks. Still take gameplay shooting angle increases with the third but Armored Warfare game will bring a lot of interesting things, namely, the participants will also be commanding an army in battle.H1z1


Not only a single controller in battle tanks, Armored Warfare game players can distribute their forces in battle. The tanks are distributed automatically combat, and players will have the freedom to switch between each tank in the game. Armored Warfare game content or not to follow the path of the line shooter was successful before. Although ownership of high-end technologies in graphics, but also quite gentle Armored Warfare so players can download games and computer experience for mid-range configuration. The designs are quite detailed tank simulation brings real and true image sharpness for players. The game Armored Warfare tank is divided into several categories, and of course, owns the different shooting styles of reach pretty far for you to choose.
Deathmatch game mode is quite satisfying as allowing up to 64 players simultaneously participate on a map. It is worth noting that in addition to playing online with other players, gamers can also play offline with bots.

In addition, this occurrence, Armored Warfare, also unveiled a number of new features, such as PvE system. Specifically, players will be allowed to choose the means as the main battle tank (MBT), armored vehicles and self-propelled artillery wheel and Tank Destroyer (Fort antitank). Each type of vehicle in the game will have advantages and disadvantages, tactics and techniques characteristic of different roles on the battlefield, require players to have a synergistic effect if you want to win the war victory. In Armored Warfare maps built broad and detailed, making the selection of the tanks have the ability to move quickly is preferred. In addition to destroying the enemy, game participants also can destroy the environment, works to move to self-design their own way. Test phase of exciting online game Armored Warfare firing tank will begin open from 27/5 to 3/6 and players want to participate must be enabled code. Those interested can gamers earn key here, then sign up for an account.


Opponents Of The Dead Island H1z1 Be Pleased Gamers Epidemic Vietnam

A large part are gamers Vietnam war in the virtual world of a new game called Dead Island Epidemic. This is understandable because this game is very good quality, free to play now, very easy to participate. Online game Dead Island Zombie Epidemic attractive new free open widely distributed through the Steam platform not long ago. However, the game has quickly attracted a lot of attention and become widely popular in a short time period. As felt by many gamers Vietnam participated in the game Dead Island, the game Epidemic This has changed the mechanism to fight, no longer purely MOBA as originally planned by another manufacturer that offers different mechanisms full of entertainment: “PVE: party of 4 people doing the mission to destroy zombies. PVP: 3 teams each team 4 players collect resources flag quite happy”. The main changes put mechanisms gaming flexibility and attract more users.


Although released as free playtime, but gamers do not need to worry about the issue of “pay to win” – pay will win: “What needs to recharge, plow weapon blueprint also out of genuine but, character also can be purchased with points earned in the game char “. Of course we will be subjected to torture quite as powerful plow in Dead Island Map Epidemic. And it’s important to go to success is to be patient and not get discouraged. Overall, the game Dead Island Epidemic is a very reasonable choice for gamers are going to find yourself an online game with new gameplay, innovative and also very funny. Dead Island is a MOBA Epidemic newly introduced in mid-2014 past. Unlike many current prevailing MOBA like League of Legends, DOTA 2 or h1z1 maps, Dead Island to gamers Epidemic introduce quite new gameplay system for controlling the character as a true role-playing game.
Each participating team will consist of 4 person game play, bringing the total number of players required for a match request to figure 12. The main objective of the players in Dead Island will be collected Epidemic “supply” to carry on bases, and the team that collects enough supply needed to escape from a desert island would be the winner.

This all-new gameplay makes Dead Island Epidemic received from interested and curious world gaming community. In the game, players will not only be wary of two rival teams, but will also have to pay attention all the herd or the Boss Zombie tremendous appear on the map. This will be no small challenge.

After the game, players will receive experience points and can use it to buy and strengthen the weapons, which he loved. Of course, you could also use the money to buy the card loaded weapons in the Cash Shop.
Overall, the game Dead Island is one of the Epidemic anticipated games and not make players be disappointed. After the first game experience, the majority of gamers are highly innovative and novel that title brings. Perhaps in the not too distant future, this game will be a worthy competitor sword against another cult names like H1Z1, league legend.



Hazard Ops is one of the Unreal Engine 3 game to use with the pretty graphics, gameplay PvP and PvE diversity both. If you got bored with the style shooter game first and you’re craving style shooter game Tuesday as the offline game series Max Payne hit titled, Dead Space, the Hazard Ops that will give players experience there. Hazard Ops is a shooter game with nice graphics Tuesday to use Unreal Engine 3, gameplay PvP and PvE satisfy both. The target player must shoot down not merely people but also the species ‘non’. Currently the game is in the process Hazard Ops beta test (CBT) intends Open Beta in the third quarter or fourth year. Those who want to experience the game only a single path is earned code. Publisher committed to reset all character information when the CBT ends to ensure fairness for the other players participating this game.


Although this game is in the process but the basic test was completed on the 70% with many new features is equally attractive to fans of shooters in general as h1z1 map.
Graphics, Unreal Engine 3 game to use up to a shooter, it can not be patented. Graphics passable level of ambience and character designer. This is the attraction and attention to this title. The players are very eager to see how offering the next super extreme as Hazard Ops. The monetary unit in the Hazard Ops game has 3 types existing cash, gold and quest (a form when completing tasks) is currently in phase CBT, all 3 types of currency are obtained through the completion of the assigned tasks in the game. Current Game Hazard Ops 2’s PvE mode (shot with machine) and PvP (player vs. player) mode against machine can see a highlight in the game when this trend was noticed dnag. Instead motifs on the first ball, the player is pressed to kill each other, then this game allows players to come together to overcome the task as “trying to survive”, “defense” or simply sweep.

If you got bored with the style shooter game first and you’re craving style shooter game Tuesday as the offline game series Max Payne hit titled, Dead Space, the Hazard Ops that will give players experience there. Hazard Ops is a shooter game with nice graphics Tuesday to use Unreal Engine 3, gameplay PvP and PvE satisfy both. The target player must shoot down not merely people but also the species ‘non’.
Currently the game is in the process Hazard Ops beta test (CBT) intends Open Beta in the third quarter or fourth year. Those who want to experience the game only a single path is earned code. Publisher committed to reset all character information when the CBT ends to ensure fairness for the other players participating this game.

Although this game is in the process but the basic test was completed on the 70% with many new features is equally attractive to fans of shooters in general as H1Z1. Graphics, Unreal Engine 3 game to use up to a shooter, it can not be patented. Graphics passable level of ambience and character designer. This is the attraction and attention to this title. The players are very eager to see how offering the next super extreme as Hazard Ops. The monetary unit in the Hazard Ops game has 3 types existing cash, gold and quest (a form when completing tasks) is currently in phase CBT, all 3 types of currency are obtained through the completion of the assigned tasks in the game.

Current Game Hazard Ops 2’s PvE mode (shot with machine) and PvP (player vs. player) mode against machine can see a highlight in the game when this trend was noticed dnag. Instead motifs on the first ball, the player is pressed to kill each other, then this game allows players to come together to overcome the task as “trying to survive”, “defense” or simply sweep. In the current Ops game Hazard to shoot down targets not only revolve around people that there are other categories of people are not single out the zombies (zombie), the mutation (mutant) and many others even kind which the manufacturer must Dubbed as “wtf”. These tasks require you to have more experience fighting VFA better. The next highlight is perhaps the Hazard Ops net play of a game the third shooter: including the right thing for cover to survive and turned things like shooting, or merely is at gunpoint from their cover and discharged fire on anything mobile is required. It is not clear after the game officially open to change anything, but now the attack mode, survivors are in the game. We hope this to be amended to bring the most complete game. With the above features and a decent graphics, good game Hazard Ops is expected for gamers want to de-stress and relax but elements for the professional level or not remains to be tweaked after the publisher Open official. Along awaited games this cult debut.


Some Tools When Playing H1z1

Normally, when you enter the server H1Z1 you have to hunt all over the map for weapons, clothes, items, other players, etc. Searching can take you hours just to find a gun. Here you can see the first image of ESP IWantCheats inside game. It shows you other players, player name, weapon, clothes, all of the items, etc. This means that you do not have time to search; you can find the best weapons and all the items you could ever want. While other users wasted many hours searching for just a few items, you can have your inventory is fully charged in just a short period of time.

H1Z1 Hacks Cheats aimbot

Items: See all items on the server at all times
Name: See the names of the other players in the game
Zombie: See every zombie on the map at any time
Player: View all players on the map at any time
Distance: See how far side, players, and the zombies



The Night to Day: Set the game always run in the daylight
Speed ​​Hack: Run as fast as you want on the map
No Clip: Allows the player to go through walls
Fly Hack: Allows players to fly through the air

H1Z1 aimbot

Push to Lock: Press the button to lock in the first set aimbot
Adjust FOV: Field of View can be adjusted to view 360 degrees
Not Spread: All bullet hit dead center on target
No Recoil: Weapons no longer move when fired
Automatically change: Weapon locks to the next player or zombie
Adjust way: Put away the aimbot allowed to view
Visibility Testing: Allows Bot knows when fire
Customizable Aim Key: Allows you to use the mouse or keyboard


Show FPS: Display frame rate on screen
Save Config: Save the settings you prefer for hacking
Show Time: Show the current time of day
Change Colors: Set the color for every item in the game

Anti-Cheat H1Z1

Obviously Screenshot: Provides clean screenshots for servers
Anti-Detection: special code to keep you from being detected

Cheats H1Z1 Hardware ID Spoofer (HWID)

We are pleased to announce the release of new hardware our breakthrough Spoofer for H1Z1, this tool change hard-coded serial numbers of all hard drives (IDE, SATA, SSD, SCSI, USB) on all the popular Windows version, we support. When you register and download our Hacks H1Z1 the spoofer is automatically put into the software at no additional charge to you. This layer of protection to keep you safe from the ban and never could go back into the game. The H1Z1 aimbot will take a little more time because we have to get all the games for the coordinates. When aimbot release all locking weapons on any player or animals with the touch of a button. Then, simply press the fire and put it out and never killed again. Keep the articles are released when we finish the code, so you can get free daily updates.


“Opponents H1z1″ Zombie Eternal City 3 Prepared Opening

Subject destroyed world zombie pandemic and never makes gaming all ideas, and games called Eternal City’s upcoming next 3 will contribute filling up warehouses of the genre.

On 05.02.2015 the next day, online shooter game 3rd Eternal City 3 open beta will be open in the Korean market. Gamers like the zombie theme disaster can register for an account and refer to at home:
Game Eternal City 3 has extremely true context in Seoul – South Korea’s capital pandemic infection caused terrible declining population and a very large flood occurs Zombie run around.
Eternal City 3 is a game online Tuesday shooter set in post-apocalyptic world, where the survivors will be wary with zombie hordes and mutant may appear offensive estate anytime. They are very aggressive and very dangerous.


However, the game Eternal City 3 will not put the player into situations awfully difficult as collective existential way, go find water or food saves in games like The Last of Us or I Am Alive which focus recreational game in more directions while providing players with extreme shooting was hand screen. This is also the difference of this game. Game Eternal City 3 has extremely true context in Seoul – South Korea’s capital pandemic infection caused terrible decline of the population and appear very crowded online only clique Zombie “brain food” people . Battlefield 3 game Eternal City is designed in the South Korean city, so you can easily recognize the familiar streets of Seoul are very realistic reconstruction. The mission of gamers in this game is to try to survive in a world full of dangers, but to do this we must unite together and defeat the violent zombie herd. Since launching the first image on its homepage from 20/8 until now, the Eternal City 3 remain diligent team game developed by the 3D graphics platform created by them called engine Bulldozer 3. Eternal City 3 have stunning graphics platform with the details to be extremely realistic design can impress gamers participate. Pictures of the city of Seoul under Bulldozer 3 3D graphics became an extremely tragic battle with dilapidated buildings and street corners in the Eternal City in ruins 3.

The appeal of this new game is not controversial, as experienced during the Closed Beta registration was conducted in mid-May before had so many players registered publishers fear that there will be errors on the server too Downloads occur should only allow 5,000 players registered to participate in the earliest phase of this trial.
Eternal City 3 promises to be one or more titles from the land of Kim Chi made headlines around the world next to the names ahead as h1z1 map. If you are a favorite shooting games, please do not overlook this exciting game.